Mystique Unicorn Keychain
This pastel colored unicorn horn has shrunk down to travel with you wherever you go! Let your freak flag fly with these Creature Cocks keychains! Show off that you're into fantasy roleplay, mythical sex, or hot horror monsters! Place them with your keys, attach them to your phone case, clip them onto a bag or purse, or hang them from your rearview mirror to add a little flair and kinky fun! All the little dongs are made out of premium, phthalate-free, body-safe silicone and the metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin. Not meant for internal use. Novelty item only.

On a long walk through a forest, you decide to step away from the road and take the path less traveled. The brush is thick and vines wind up the trees to mix with moss and dew. The mist is thick and low but there's something calling you, as if a whisper moan on the wind, an echoing sound that wakens yearning in your loins. Excitement rises as the mist clears and you see a clearing. Your heart nearly jumps into your throat as you see the most beautiful and mythical creature of them all; a unicorn of legend! Their pelt shimmers, iridescent in the soft haze of dispersed light, a silver glow hangs around them like a veil. They turn their head to face you and your eyes meet for a moment that feels like eternity. In a flash, the haze blurs and they've transformed into a man, the twisted horn on their head now between their thighs. You realize now they were calling you and you did not discover them; they let you find them. Their heavy dong hangs low between their legs and swings from side to side as they confidently stride towards you. Tall, strong and lean, they take you in their arms, their gaze piercing your soul, and the horn soon to pierce your wet and lustful loins.

Measurements: Overall: 3.1 inches x 1.3 inches x 1.3 inches

Materials: Silicone, metal

Color: Purple, blue, orange

Note: For novelty use only.