Dragon Spawn Dragon Ovipositor Silicone Dildo with Eggs
Be the brooding mate of this dragon with this Dragon Spawn Ovipositor dong! The pastel blue, yellow, pink and black rod has a unique texture of whorls, ridges, grooves and spikes that will send you to another world of pleasure! The hollow center is wide enough for the 3 silicone eggs to slip through and impregnate you with! The wide, flanged base makes it harness-compatible. Made out of premium, phthalate-free silicone, it has a firm core and soft, silky surface. Explore every sci-fi, fantasy, roleplay or cosplay scene you want with this epic adult toy! Use only with water-based lubricants for best results. After play is over, wash the dildo with warm water and soap and use a toy cleaner to spray clean. Wipe dry and store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

On Alpha X, the dimension where dragons reign, you lean back against the cave wall, chained at the ankles and wrists, waiting in a line of people to be presented to the brooding dragon King. A decade ago, your worlds converged and revealed there are several layers of realities. As part of the peace treaty to connect the worlds, your world and many others agreed to help solve the problems across the universes… and that left those without a voice subject to the whims of those in power. Alpha X has had a problem with breeding their mates, and once humans and dragons began experimenting behind closed doors, they discovered certain humans make perfect breeding mates for the royal line of dragons that have been somewhat infertile in the last century. "Move forward! You! You're next!" a goblin looking man yells at you to get up and present yourself to the dragon royalty. You step up, shaking but refusing to show your fear, and take your first good look at this dragon. Its eyes are wide, slitted, and golden. Its body is soft pastel with whorls of grooves and ridges, colors that help it camouflage into the strange, alien terrain. It shakes its body as if a shiver ran down its spine, licks its lips. You lock eyes with it and feel the heat rising to your cheeks. Its gaze becomes unbearably intense and you look away. You feel ashamed for losing your nerve, but then the goblin grabs you by the arms and says, "Move! Quickly now! It's chosen you!" You're rushed to the baths to clean up, and then unshackled and thrown into a chamber full of gold and dimly lit torches.

Measurements: Overall length: 7.3 inches. Insertable length: 6 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 1.8 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2.3 inches. Eggs are 1.5 inches x 1 inches.

Materials: Silicone

Color: Pink, yellow, blue, black

Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.