Astropus Tentacle Silicone Dildo
A terrifying space-creature with tentacle limbs has just been discovered! This peary white, purple and blue tentacle limb makes for a perfect dong! The tapered tip is easy to insert, the wide shaft stretches your open, and the tentacle suckers add stimulating texture! Made out of premium, phthalate-free silicone, it has a firm core and soft, silky surface. Explore every sci-fi, fantasy, roleplay or cosplay scene you want with this epic adult toy! Use only with water-based lubricants for best results. After play is over, wash the dildo with warm water and soap and use a toy cleaner to spray clean. Wipe dry and store in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

You're hiding in a bunker on the planet X-9. Half your platoon has been taken out. The mission was to explore and survey new territory on an inhabitable planet, but things turned for the worse once your team was attacked by giant, tentacled monsters! You can hear movement nearby and your heart races. Your gun is at the ready and you use a mirror to check what is around the corner. There it is, an octopod as big as a human, tentacles reaching in all directions, and eyes glowing near the center. It moves like it's underwater even though it's on land. It must be able to defy the gravitational pull while you're stuck heavy on the ground. It moves slow, its iridescent purple and pearly white skin catching the dim light and reflecting it. It makes an echoing click like a dolphin or a whale that sends shivers down your spine. You check your gun, looking away, and as soon as you turn around to shoot a tentacled limb shoots out and grabs the gun. Another limb grabs you. You scream into your comms microphone "Help! I'm under attack!" but no sooner have you called for help then the monster circles its arms around you, squeezing. It oozes a goo from its suckers that melts away your clothing and begins to sizzle on your skin. It doesn't burn, it just numbs and warms you. Suddenly it feels like you're wrapped up in a warm blanket. Heat pools between your thighs. Then it plunges its tentacle inside of you and your brain turns off. Your lips utter sounds that are coming from the monster, not you. "Hello team. Come join us! It feels so good. Surrender. Surrender. Surrender…"

Measurements: Overall length: 8.7 inches. Insertable length: 7.6 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 1 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2.35 inches.

Materials: Silicone

Color: White, Purple, Blue

Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.