Scaly Swamp Monster 3 Foot Giant Dildo
Brace yourself because this Monster Giant Fantasy Dildo is here! From the swamps comes a creature so unbelievable that it can only have come from your dreams or nightmares! This nearly 3 foot tall, 84 lb dong is a showstopper! Make a statement by adding it to your home decor, bring it to a trade show to attract customers and start conversations, incorporate it into a sci-fi or fantasy film, or even bench press it at the gym! Made out of PVC, it is firm, smooth and flexible. The suction cup base helps keep it secured to the floor so it doesn't tip over. To clean it, use warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner. Wipe with a soft cloth and let air dry. When lifting it use proper lifting positions in order to not hurt your back. If you attempt to ride this monster, adventure at your own risk!

On a hot and balmy day, you've decided to explore more on this surprise vacation to the Everglades. Fanning yourself, the heat is as heavy as a blanket and you seek some shade in the late afternoon. For miles the winding, wet swamplands stretch out and you sit at the edge of it on the moist earth under a tree. The sun hangs low in the sky, yet it's still warm, so you strip down and wade into the water. The cool water freshens and cools you. You feel so relaxed you lose track of time. Suddenly there's a moment in the water and as you look around, you see the two glassy, black eyes of something watching you. Your breath catches in your throat, fight or flight activated, yet you stay perfectly still. As you finally turn to start moving out of the water, a scaly, wet hand grabs your thigh. You freeze, terrified, but your terror turns to confusion and arousal as the hand begins to slide up between your thighs and stimulate you! As you look down, you see the pink tipped, scaly, green rod begin to emerge from the water. It surfaces, twitching, firm and excited; two glassy black eyes look up at you and the hands pull you down over the shaft. It parts you and you find yourself being moved up and down and it feels so good that it surprises you. Your moans are barely heard over the wild waters, and you begin to feel hot for an entirely different reason! As you reach climax, the monster releases you, thick, white slime trailing between your thighs. You walk out of the water and to the shore again, only the Everglades knowing your mysterious secret.

Measurements: Overall length: 35 inches. Shaft length: 30 inches. Narrowest diameter: 6.5 inches. Widest diameter: 8.8 inches.

Material: PVC, plastic

Weight:b> 84.2 lbs

Color: Green, black, brown

Note: Use only with water-based or silicone-based lubricants for best results. Novelty toy. Use at your own risk.