Beast Mode Silicone Cock Ring
Give into your wild desires and let your Beast out with this Beast Mode c-ring!! Made out of super stretchy and plush silicone that is phthalate-free and body-safe, the bright red color evokes the rage of the bull as if a matador has waved his red flag in front of it! The beast's head and horns sit above your shaft, ready to charge! It can fit over the shaft along or also be stretched to fit around the shaft and under the balls, too! It can enhance your playtime, increase the intensity of climax, and help you stay rigid for longer! Combine this with any fantasy roleplay or creative scene a little more fun!

"Hello?" you cry out into the darkness. The echo of your voice is all you hear. It bounces off the walls and fades as the sound reaches the deep labyrinth cave. You'd been led into the entrance then abandoned, told that if you escaped you would earn your life. It had been hours now of you stumbling through the dark, trying to find a way out. "Is anywhere there? Please! Talk to me!" In desperation, you had started speaking into the darkness. You slump against a wall, leaning on it and then falling to the floor in a heap. Anxiety grips your chest, stomach, making you feel tight and shaky. The blood in your head starts to rush and all you can hear is your own heartbeat… until something else echoes in the distance, the first sound you've heard besides your own. You stiffen, becoming utterly still and attentive. Is that… a light? You crouch low, hiding in case it may be dangerous. Slowly, a large minotaur comes into view. It is massive! It stands at easily 8 feet tall and its hooves land with a heavy thud, causing dull echoes across the inner chamber you've found yourself in. But it carries a torch, the first light you've seen since you entered the caves, and you can see more details as it draws nearer like the fact this part of the maze seems to be a living space, complete with a desk and bed, and that the beast is hung with a massive rock hard shaft, and that he carries a young maiden with him. You realize that your hiding spot isn't so great with the light of the torch coming closer, and you adjust your position.

Measurements: Overall: 3.5 inches Length x 2.7 inches Width. Inner diameter (unstretched): 1.6 inches (40mm).

Material: Silicone

Color: Red