Slitherine Silicone Cock Ring
Enhance your rod with this toothy, purple, galactic worm! This Slitherine C-Ring is made out of super stretchy and plush silicone that is phthalate-free and body-safe. The deep purple color and the spiked spine stands out on your cock so you can penetrate your partner's defenses with your ferocious companion. It can fit over the shaft along or also be stretched to fit around the shaft and under the balls, too! It can enhance your playtime, increase the intensity of climax, and help you stay rigid for longer! Combine this with any fantasy roleplay or creative scene a little more fun!

The desert heat is enough to kill even the strongest warrior. Not a drop of water permeates the dry air and punishing rays of the sun. Only the most aggressive and cunning survive. We wear water-suits to venture out in the early morning, before the heat is at its worst. The giant, blind worms of the desert can hear us and feel our steps so we dance among the dunes and walk erratically. My guide knows the way to a reservoir of water deep underground and I am here to discover what it can offer our people farther out in the city of Faen Ymir. As we enter the cave, the air immediately cools and I shiver. Eager to feel the wetness on my face and body, I strip out of my suit as soon as I see my guide do the same. They slide into a stream and my heart skips a beat as their naked, wet body reemerges. They are stunningly beautiful, and with so much need to wear these suits it is rare to ever see so much bare skin on anyone. I can't help but feel myself begin to engorge and stiffen. They smile knowingly, and cup their hands to the water to drink. I do the same but then yelp in shock and jump out of the water. "What is it?", they ask with concern in their voice. I can't tell what's wrong until I see a dark purple worm with spikes and teeth that has, to my horror, latched on to my shaft! "Ah! It's a slitherine worm!" They blush pink and begin to laugh. "I'm sorry, there's only one way to get rid of it…" they come closer, pulling me to the water's edge. "You have to relax." My heart races. "I don't think I can relax with this on my rod!"I say, deeply disturbed. They pause, then smile. "I… may be able to help you." Then they climb on top and slide me inside where I can feel both their wetness and their heat!

Measurements: Overall: 2.9 inches Length x 2.7 inches Width. Inner diameter (unstretched): 1.6 inches(40mm).

Material: Silicone

Color: Purple

Note: Do not use with silicone lubricants.