Twilight Rainbow Glass Dildo
Indulge in super smooth, mystical, unicorn horn with this Twilight Rainbow dong! The eye-catching, iridescent pink and yellow-gold horn shines in the light. The firm rod has a round, tapered tip that helps with insertion and then graduated bumps that get bigger and bigger the deeper you go. Enjoy the super smooth texture of the borosilicate glass as it effortlessly glides in with the help of some lube. The glass is made out of the same quality materials that can be found in many kitchens so it can also handle temperature changes. Enjoy playing with hot and cold sensations, but don't heat or cool it too much or it may harm the sensitive tissues inside your body! You should avoid dropping it on hard surfaces, but otherwise it is a durable and body-safe material that is non-porous and compatible with all lubricant types. To clean, use warm water and mild soap then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner before wiping dry with a soft cloth. Avoid scratchy materials and store in a soft, protective towel or container.

Two glowing eyes stare at you, the only light you can see in the dark forest. The cold, wet dew slowly swirls and falls from the tree tops above, catching the light as if it was shining towards you like a flashlight. Then you see a flash and the rest of its body is illuminated! You almost faint from surprise when you see four strong legs, a large torso, a long neck, and a glowing horn on its head. "Oh my heavens… it's a unicorn!" you whisper in awe. Every dream you ever had of riding unicorns, of discovering them in a forest just like this, flashes before your mind's eye. You get up slowly so as to not startle it, then step one foot at a time towards the glorious beast. It blinks its beautiful eyes and every time its eyes close the world gets a little darker. A tree branch snaps beneath your foot and the unicorn rears up and whinnies. "Woah, woah, woah! It's okay! It's okay!" you put your hands up and place them on the unicorn, soothing them. It looks at you suspiciously, and you look back in awe. You can barely handle your excitement and your body starts to nervously tremble. Then the unicorn starts to move. It moves towards you and you back up in a hurry. It moves faster and then backs you up onto a fallen tree. You climb up until your body is at eye level with the magical beast. Something wet drips from the horn and it begins to pulse. You reach out to touch it, curiosity peaking, and the substance is sticky. Something compels you to taste it… it tastes sweet, like honeyed wine and nectar. You see there's more, so you begin to lick the horn and, to your surprise, the unicorn lets you. In fact, it seems to like it. The horn pulses with light and more drops of nectar come out of the tip. Then you realize something… this isn't just a horn. The unicorn likes being touched this way. You decide to try one more thing… you take off your clothes and then carefully, perched on the tall tree stump, grab the horn and glide it inside of you! "Stars above, this is amazing!" you moan in pleasure, the horn pulsing and glowing inside you.

Measurements: Overall length: 6.3 inches. Insertable length: 5.5 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 0.5 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2 inches.

Materials: Borosilicate glass

Color: Pink, yellow gold