Galactic Cock Alien Creature Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Dildo
Indulge in this highly stimulating Galactic Alien dong! This colorful, glitter-filled sunburst of pink, orange, blue and purple glows green in the dark! Its unique texture has layers, grooves, bumps, ridges and both smooth and gravely surfaces that slide in effortlessly as they stretch you open! Its large head has a tapered tip that helps with insertion, and then you can enjoy the feeling of a large bump in the center where it gets thick again. Made out of premium, flexible, phthalate-free silicone, this dong is body-safe and best used with water-based lubricants only. Enjoy hands free rides due to the strong suction cup base! Invite a partner to indulge in kinky cosplay or fantasy roleplay and use their favorite harness to transform this dong into a strapon! Afterward, make sure to wash it with warm water and mild soap, then spray it with a toy cleaner and air-dry. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.

The alarms on the space ship had been blaring for 10 minutes. Everything was in lock down and you, hidden in the dormitory, have been quietly trying to figure out what in the outer worlds was happening now. The flashing red lights cast strange shadows over the room. Every now and then you'd hear a scream followed by a guttural, animal screech. It had all happened so fast. You were headed to the brig to check in with the captain of the ship. You were all on a diplomatic mission to create an alliance with one of the neighboring galactic species. It was meant to be simple, fast and without failure. Instead, an enemy species had intercepted your peace summit, boarded your ship and commandeered it. They were tall aliens with bulging muscles, fishlike faces and opalescent eyes that could see in the dark. You and the other humans were completely out of your depth. Suddenly, you hear a crash against the door and one of them bursts in. Their eyes and skin are glowing in the dark light. The red light flashing makes their body pulse with bioluminescent light everytime it gets dark again. Their nostrils flare as they begin to seek your scent. They look around, sniffing, and then stop. They've found you! They take a leap that is the equivalent of 5 human steps and shove the shelving you were crouched behind out of the way. Their large, webbed hand grabs you and throws you on the bed. You scream for help but no one hears you! Their teeth and claws rip your clothing to shreds and leave little pink lines across your skin. Once they have your clothing off they breathe you in deep. Their eyes pulse orange as they take in your scent and their growl turns into a purr. Something wet and throbbing begins to glow bright between their legs and you suddenly realize why they are here; to breed the humans and make them alien hybrids.

Measurements: Overall length: 8.5 inches. Insertable length: 7.7 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 1.6 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2.6 inches.

Material: Silicone

Color: Pink, orange, blue and pink

Note: Use only with water-based lubricants for best results.